Sponge Travel Case

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Love our sponges and want to give it a safe home? 13rushes Sponge Case will keep your blending sponges safe and in shape while you take it everywhere! The case helps to keep your sponge clean and dry with the holes so your sponges will be able to breathe and dry thoroughly. No more worrying about moldy sponges!



Dimensions: 7.5cm by 7cm

*Does not include blending sponge.


The 13rushes Sponge Case protects your blending sponges while you’re on-the-go! This carrier is a convenient solution for travelling with your blending sponge. The holes at the sides of the case allows your sponge to dry thoroughly without it being moldy.

Dimensions: 7.5cm by 7cm

*Does not include blending sponge.


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