Finishing Powder – Linen Matte

5.00 out of 5


Finish off your makeup with Nu Colour Finishing Powder for that non-shine non-greasy look. This ultra-sheer loose powder will add a flawless finishing touch without adding color that does not match your skin tone. Also, no need to worry about creasing or caking, this powder is so light, it feels weightless on your skin.


Size: 35g


Nu Colour Finishing Powder fulfills a market demand for a new generation of loose powder. This unique formula helps to absorb excess oils and reduces shine on your face, ensuring a soft flawless finish without adding color. This ultra sheer powder is suitable for all skin types.


Key Ingredients

  • Rice Starch—contributes to gentle application and oil absorption.
  • Nylon—a powder that promotes smooth glide application.
  • Silica—a powder that helps deliver a silky feel.



Dip the Nu Colour Powder Brush or puff in powder, and tap brush or puff on side of container to remove excess powder. Dust face moving across the forehead and down the cheeks. Avoid pulling, wiping, or tugging the powder across the face. To give the appearance of longer, thicker lashes, dust lightly with powder prior to applying mascara. For lip color that lasts longer, powder lips before applying lip liner and lipstick. After applying eye shadow and blush, powder lightly for blending purposes and to set the makeup.




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  1. 5 out of 5

    I used this with my Advanced Tinted Moisturizer everyday for a smooth look. This coverage lasts me from 9am to 7pm everyday. Love it!

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