Epoch® Blemish Treatment

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Don’t wait till the pimple is formed to get rid of it. Treat them before it gets irritated and worse. The Epoch® Blemish Treatment cleans your pores with Job’s tears as well as reducing the redness. Treat blemishes while soothing your skin without drying it.

Size: 15ml


Key Ingredients

  • Job’s tears— Rich with amino acids, and well known for its ability to target and help relieve the pressure associated with blemishes. Job’s tears extract is a key ingredient in Epoch Blemish Treatment to help soothe the skin affected with acne blemishes.
  • Yarrow, burdock, and chamomile—these botanicals have been widely used for centuries by Native Americans to calm a variety of irritating skin conditions. Found in Epoch Blemish Treatment to treat and reduce the redness associated with troubled skin.
  • Salicylic acid—a medication clinically proven to effectively treat acne blemishes.


Apply directly to blemishes. Safe for frequent applications to affected areas.


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