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Nu Skin isn’t just all about providing clients with the best solutions for skin and health; it is also about giving back and helping those in need.


Nu Skin started a social enterprise to advance its humanitarian efforts in 2002, called the Nourish the Children initiative. The initiative was introduced to develop nutrient-dense VitaMeal to aid the situation of child malnutrition. By uniting Nu Skin’s global sales leader network, Nourish the Children is a for-profit venture that expedites ongoing VitaMeal contribution and administration.


What is Vitameal? It is a highly nutritious food produced by Nu Skin’s nutritional scientists and sales leaders can purchase them to donate to relief to those suffering from malnutrition and famine. This has helped save the lives of millions of malnourished children around the world every month.


Want to be part of this program to help make the world a better place? You can and have the power to contribute your share to save these lives. Become a Nourish the Children Ambassador and adopt it as your personal cause to protect these starving children.