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For Active and Hustling Women

Ladies, we’re busy, we’re hustling and we want to look our best! 

24 hours is just not enough for us to squeeze in everything.

Which is why we’re giving you solutions in under 15 minutes!

Be the best version of YOU

When you feel good, you exude confidence and you look the best. Be inspired to be the best version of you by just investing 15 minutes of your day to feel good.

About Us

Quarterly Affair is a community of capable, self-sufficient and chic women who are always on the go but still needed a little private “me time”. Being engaged doesn’t mean we have to let go of ourselves. We are women who just want what’s best and favourable to us. To us, practicing self-pampering and self-loving is important for your well-being and health, both physically and mentally.

As hustlers, we know that 24 hours is never enough for us. Nobody has the time to research on products to find out if they are effective. This is where we step in, think of us as your fairy godmother or a personal shopper or however you like to call it. We do the research and testing for you and we will recommend products that we personally like.

What We Do

It’s safe to say that everyone agrees that 24 hours a day is just not enough. We don’t have enough time to juggle between hustling, house chores, and personal time. Yet, we’re not willing to give up on that little window of “me time”. Quarterly Affair is where a community of professional working women seek for advice, recommendations and share their tips on beauty and health.

We do the research part of the work and share products that work and give results. Never found the time to do some self-pampering? All you need is just 15 minutes! Everything we share here require only 15 minutes of your day.

Find out tips and tutorials that might come in handy for your daily routine. While you’re here, maybe gain a bit of knowledge and earn some side hustle too!