Why I fell in love with the LumiSpa

Why I fell in love with the LumiSpa

LumiSpa has been around and the talk of the town for its first-of-its-kind, dual-action skin care system that promises dramatic skin renewal and deep-cleansing in a single treatment.

Recently I was introduced to this device and I was sceptical about giving it a go. I finally caved and decided to try it myself to see what the hype is all about. It’s been only one week since I’ve started this new routine of mine, but I must say, I’m impressed.

When I received the device, I was excited to unbox it. It came with clear instructions and also the cleanser suited for my skin type- dry skin. So, you’re supposed only to use the Activating Cleanser that comes with the LumiSpa for max benefits. 

It isn’t my first time using skincare devices, back then when Clarisonic was a hit, of course, I got one myself to test it out. The reason why I had stopped putting my trust in skincare devices was that I had an adverse reaction from using them. Maybe the brush bristles were too harsh on my sensitive skin that caused a reaction to it. 

So, when I opened up my LumiSpa I was surprised to see that the device does not use bristles! The treatment head is this rubbery silicone head with a wavy pattern on it. It feels a lot gentler and does not feel invasive to the skin. 

I let the device sit and charge until it was fully charged and I brought it to the bathroom with me. Did I mention, this device is waterproof and water-resistant? No need to worry about it getting wet and you can just leave it in the shower after you’re done.

When you first turn on the device, it will have a few pauses before it starts its treatment. The LumiSpa also pauses three times every 30 seconds to prompt you to move from one area of the face to the next. I start with my forehead and slowly gliding down to my cheeks and chin. What I love about this device is that it will pause its spinning when it detects that you’re pressing too hard or scrubbing your face with it.

There are a few times when I thought I was gliding the device but it paused- indicating that I was too harsh on my skin. This is great because I don’t realise that sometimes I’m putting too much pressure on my face. It’s only a two-minute routine that you can do daily. I usually put on my conditioner and start using my LumiSpa. Before using the device, I probably only spend 15 seconds maximum on cleaning my face, which I doubt will suffice to get a deep and thorough cleansing.

I haven’t even reached my favourite part of using this device. When I was told that this device also removes makeup, I thought it was brilliant but had my doubts. One fine day, I had my full makeup on- eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara, foundation and lipstick. It was pretty late when I got home and my usual routine was to always remove my makeup before going to bed. Before LumiSpa was introduced to my life, I used the Makeup Eraser cloth to take off all my makeup. I am all about saving the environment and using sustainable products; hence, Makeup Eraser was my choice- a reusable cloth. 

The Makeup Eraser worked great but when it comes to removing waterproof makeup, it was a challenge. I tend to drag my skin and eyes roughly just to make sure I get everything off my face, but yet, I still needed to cleanse my face with my cleanser. So, the other day I decided to try removing my makeup with the LumiSpa.

I applied my Activating Cleanser generously on my face and then I turned on my LumiSpa and started gliding it like how I would use it to cleanse my face. I walked out of the shower and looked at the mirror, expecting to see traces of my eyeliner and mascara streaming down my cheeks. Or perhaps remnants of mascara and lipstick. To my pleasant surprise, my face was squeaky clean! And I didn’t even need to do a double cleanse. I managed to remove my makeup AND cleanse my face all in just 2 minutes!

So, it’s been one week since I used LumiSpa and I don’t see a significant difference yet, but I believe in “slowly but surely”. I still didn’t need to recharge my device although I’ve been using it for a week, twice a day. I do notice that my skin is softer and my smiling lines are finer.

If you need to know the benefits of LumiSpa, here they are:

  • Renew skin and remove dead skin cells for an improved skin tone that is bright and smooth.
  • Obtain a more radiant, healthier, younger-looking skin in just two weeks!
  • Gentle to skin
  • The ageLOC LumiSpa Device removes loose cells with its sweeping action while reducing pores
  • Its proprietary oscillation design delivers a skin-perfecting treatment that goes beyond just cleansing
  • Skin’s natural moisture balance retains while it cleanses gently and does not strip the skin
  • Can be used to remove makeup, dirt, toxins, and impurities
  • Targeting sources of ageing and preserving the look of youth using Nu Skin’s proprietary ageLOC ingredient blend.

 Also, if you want to know what’s the difference between the silicone head and brush bristles on skincare device, refer below:

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